Our Story

Mary Lou Margel created Gate Keeper NY so homeowners can enjoy the City’s vibrant lifestyle and all the opportunities at their doorsteps. Maybe you own property in Manhattan yet live across the country or overseas. Maybe your career leaves little time to take care of projects at home. Or possibly, you have concerns leaving your apartment unattended for an extended absence. Tackling a home “to do” list is often challenging, stressful and postponed, especially when it involves an investment property, second home or pied-à-terre.

“Stepping in to treat a client’s home like my own,” Margel says is the Gate Keeper NY mission and foundation. “It is being there for you when you can’t be. It’s making sure when you or your guests arrive, your home is ready and welcoming.” When building management, family or trusted friends are not options, consider the benefits to your investment, lifestyle and peace of mind, by taking advantage of your personal Gate Keeper.


Client Comments

“… thank you very much. It has been a huge programme of work and I really appreciate that you were there to steer it all through.”

“… it is wonderful to see things getting completed and adding value to the property.”

"Thanks so much for checking on the apartment during your storms, it is really very comforting ..."

“It has been a big month and thank you for persevering through it all”

“A fantastic job!”

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